Andreas Runfalk


Permutar is the collective brain child of me and Albin Cassirer. During our time as salesclerks on a gas station we realized that maintaining the work schedule was a lot of manual effort. At the time there was only one version of the schedule in a binder at the work place. Changes would typically be made using a pen directly on that piece of paper. We both realized that this could be handled so much better using technology.

In 2009 we started working on a prototype in Python using the web framework Turbogears, backed by SQLAlchemy and PostgreSQL. If a person was not able to work according to the original schedule the system would send out notifications using SMS to all available employees. They could reply with a yes or no which would then update the schedule. Sadly the project died before it took off.

In 2013 we revived the project and rewrote it from scratch using Python, PostgreSQL, Storm and Flask. Since smartphones had become prevalent we abandoned the SMS idea and decided to use a mobile friendly web-page coupled with e-mail notifications. After a few months we launched a prototype version that we beta tested at our former employer's gas station. During the summer we spent 16 hours a day hacking at the project, adding and re-thinking functionality. When fall came it was a smoothly working product.

On 4th December 2013 we registered the company Permutar AB and expanded the project onto more gas stations. Over the years more features have been added, including a dedicated mobile application.

Permutar landing page

Since 2015 I manage the company alone as CEO. Today the product is in use on many gas stations all over Sweden.